Welcome, friends, to the first installment of the new look Notepad, a shadowed corner of the world wide web that has long served as our personal treasure trove for glorious new music. But, as with all else, we must adapt. So, gone is the sluggish filter-based AJAX grid of Bandcamp players, and in its place is a scrapbook of ideas, extended thoughts and humble recommendations from regular staff and contributors. We think you’ll like it just the same.

Meaning can only lie squarely with the creator if their work is never shown to anyone, for it’s not the job of the listener to research or to know of artwork’s purpose prior to engaging with it. There’s nothing personal about imbibing something through the eyes of its creator, not much cause for connection. And when something is so literal that it can only really be read in a certain way, it threatens invalidating itself. If it can’t be interacted with, what’s it worth?

The output jack on my guitar is loose and I am struggling to keep the cable in. At one point it falls out halfway during a song. I continue ‘playing,’ because I’ve learned there’s nothing worse than stopping a song midway through for a technical glitch, but the panic has fully set in at this point. I struggle to sing the lyrics I know by heart and not just repeat “I’m a fraud. You know I’m a fraud. I’m a fraud.” That’s what’s running through my brain on ticker tape.

About 10 months ago I moved from Upstate New York to Ireland, frustrated by my lack of job prospects and a sense of personal stagnation, and left unstable after a series of tragedies among family and friends. I needed something new; I needed to get out. I needed, at bottom, some time away from my self.

It doesn’t take long for the evidence to mount that the most important place in the world is wherever Moffat’s not. He teeters from doting family man to challenged alpha-male, and finds himself consistently misled by the adverts for each. His wants and needs spar in a caged ring because he only knows to pit them against one another, and when the wants win, they change their name to needs.