Arriving fashionably late as ever, we’re kicking in your New Year’s bash retrospectively with a list of 30 albums that affected us the most over the past twelve months. There’s a decent variety we reckon, and we’ve even gone to the trouble of penning a little diatribe at the start. Enjoy, relax, read and imbibe, and we’ll be back soon with an announcement that will knock your new socks off.

When we approached the Ministry of Music Journalism with the interest of starting our own little website, they pulled aside before the final agreement and with a hushed voice said “…you do realise that you’ll have to write an Album of the Year list?” We nodded with staunch resolve, not fully understanding the scope of the task at hand. “Let’s do 50,” we said.

Welcome to a humble rundown of our favourite releases this year. This list features 25 fantastic artists, some of which are already well-established, others which have very promising careers ahead of them. The ordering isn’t completely strict – each and every album on the list is highly recommended, and the ordering could change on any given day, so give them a spin if you’ve not heard them. They’re really good.