We recently reviewed, and fell in love with, the new album from Lux Interna, ‘there is light in the body, there is blood in the sun’. Filled with deep intrigue after surveying lyrics and accompanying artwork, we wanted to know more about the group’s sources of inspiration and their decade-plus journey together. Thus, we spoke to the founding duo Joshua Levi Ian and Kathryn Mary and picked their brains, provoking some very insightful responses.

Feathers was such an interesting record, with its indie, pop and electronic sensibilities, that we just had to get the thoughts of the man behind it, Dimitris Papadatos, otherwise known as KU. We managed to track the Greek wizard down and quiz him on his past, present and future.

Fairly highly touted by British media publications, dark indie rockers The Domino State spoke to Noted as they prepare their second album, off the back of their well-received 2010 release Uneasy Lies The Crown. The album was a collection of intense, loud and decidedly British indie songs with shoegaze tendencies, and it was no wonder they caught the attention of so many. Three years on – what’s changed? And where do they go next?

It is with great bewilderment and mental abandonment that on this cold March eve, we are able to relay to you, the faithful partisans of n0ted, an exchange we had with ULTIMATE SLAYMASTER. Regrettably, we are not able to unequivocally say that it even occurred – such is the aberrant nature of our discourse – nevertheless, here it is, in all its blaze and bravura.