MASS is a compendium of lullabies for lucid dreamers. Much like the gangly contortionist Amazing Amy Harlib who adorns the cover, it boasts a remarkable malleability. There’s something almost ritualistic about the way these eight tracks are constructed, each a reassembly of the same pieces into different, transformed wholes.

With song titles like ‘Waka Waka’ and ‘Born from the Marriage of the Moon & a Crocodile’, you’d be forgiven for thinking Toronto-based electronic trio Doomsquad (siblings Allie, Jaclyn and Trevor Blumas) were one of those quirkygroups ­­— you know, more concerned with hazy photo filters and the number of nobs on their keyboards than creating genuinely affecting music.

“Things must change,” croons John Frusciante on the second LP by Wu-Tang affiliates Black Knights, “we must rearrange them”. Apt for an artist who played guitar in one of Americas biggest bands before spending the majority of his solo career rewriting and redefining his sound in obtuse directions — plucking and toying with his melodic sensibilities to create new sonic landscapes.

The prior work of The Mary Onettes never failed to deliver on that which was catchy and pleasant. Sometimes it meant sacrificing originality in order to preserve the genre in a sincere way, but the endearing fundamentals were always there: everyman ambition in the vocals, lifted by the delicate catharsis of simple guitar melodies and top-note synthesizers.