Hailing from Germany — land of tasty sausages, fancy beers and dodgy Eurovision entrants — come Absent/Minded, an uncompromising four-piece who box your ears with gargantuan riffs, waves of crushing dissonance and gates-of-hell growls that would have Satan himself calling for backup in a scrap.

We recently reviewed, and fell in love with, the new album from Lux Interna, ‘there is light in the body, there is blood in the sun’. Filled with deep intrigue after surveying lyrics and accompanying artwork, we wanted to know more about the group’s sources of inspiration and their decade-plus journey together. Thus, we spoke to the founding duo Joshua Levi Ian and Kathryn Mary and picked their brains, provoking some very insightful responses.

If you’ve ever stifled a torch’s light with your hand, you will be familiar with the way it tries to seep past the flesh and bone, creating a cloudy skin-coloured glow at the edges. While it lessens the effect that the torchlight has on your surroundings, there is enough light to see the shadows and silhouettes around you. Such is the way that Lux Interna functions, with the smothering of light and the reappropriation of the shade.

Feathers was such an interesting record, with its indie, pop and electronic sensibilities, that we just had to get the thoughts of the man behind it, Dimitris Papadatos, otherwise known as KU. We managed to track the Greek wizard down and quiz him on his past, present and future.

Here is an album of exploration, where various avenues of pop music are meticulously considered by Dimitris Papadatos and forged into a fully operational whole. Each of the album’s nine tracks are filled to the brim with ideas and qualities that reflect the scrupulous nature of his experimentation, and while each song stands on its own and bears its own sonic style, they still sound united and cohesive.