Over the decades, hardcore punk music has often been an outlet for the voice of the voiceless; an angry fist of defiance against the perceived oppression of modern society. With Howl, aptly named after the Allen Ginsberg poem of the same name, This Routine Is Hell are here to carry on that tradition, delivering a vitriolic 18 minute assault on those who would attempt to stifle their dreams — a series of poignant battle cries to and from a generation brought up around media interference, global conflict and economic meltdown, one distorted guitar riff at a time.

I enjoy the mystery in music, so you can picture my delight when I received an email in the dead of night from an enigmatic Austrian artist named 00y 18, a one man blitzkrieg who creates ferociously bleak instrumental sludge inspired by the churning industrialism of steel mills. This is the Stahlstadt EP.