Madam Sandler The New Noise Funk Fresh Face

Madam Sandler: The Fresh Face of Noise Funk

it’s rare to find a band that not only embraces the chaos of their influences but also forges a path distinctly their own. Enter Madam Sandler, a 4-piece ensemble hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, that has quickly become the talk of the town with their unique blend of Noise Funk mayhem.

The Band That’s Shaking the Central Coast

Comprising Preston on keys and vocals, Blake on drums, Ori on guitar (affectionately referred to as “guss”), and Jake on bass, Madam Sandler has developed a sound that’s both loud and irresistibly funky. It’s a trash fest of chaos that’s as engaging as it is unique, drawing heavily from the raw energy and experimental nature of UK Noise bands like Black Midi and Squid.

Their recent debut single, “Bluberry Bitlong,” has not only set the stage for their burgeoning career but also showcased their ability to weave complex rhythms with captivating melodies. The song has quickly gained traction, signaling the arrival of a new powerhouse on the music scene.

Inside the Noise: A Conversation with Madam Sandler

To get a deeper understanding of the band’s dynamics and aspirations, we sat down with the members of Madam Sandler for an exclusive interview.

Q: How did you guys come together to form Madam Sandler?

Preston: “It all started with a shared love for the unconventional. We were all doing our own thing musically, but once we jammed together, we knew there was something special. The energy was electric.”

Q: Your debut single ‘Bluberry Bitlong’ has been making waves. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind it?

Jake: “We wanted to create something that felt raw and unfiltered, much like our live performances. The song is a reflection of our collective experiences, wrapped in a funky, chaotic package.”

Q: There’s a unique story behind the name Madam Sandler. Care to share?

Ori: “Ah, the name! It’s a bit of an inside joke that stuck. We’re all fans of unconventional names that catch you off guard. Plus, we’re under ‘Shacked’—a nod to our love for the band Shacked. It represents our ethos of not taking ourselves too seriously while being serious about our music.”

Q: With influences like Black Midi and Squid, how do you ensure your sound remains distinct?

Blake: “While we draw a lot of inspiration from those bands, we always strive to inject our personality into our music. It’s about taking what resonates with us and then twisting it into something that’s uniquely Madam Sandler.”

Q: What’s next for Madam Sandler? Any plans for an album?

Preston: “Absolutely, we’re in the process of writing more songs and experimenting with our sound. An album is definitely on the horizon. We want to give our fans a deeper dive into the world of Madam Sandler.”

Q: With such a diverse range of influences, how do you decide on the direction of a new track?

Ori: “It’s all about the vibe of the moment. We jam, we experiment, and when something clicks, we all just know. That’s the start of our next adventure.”

Q: Madam Sandler seems to thrive on live performances. How do you translate that energy into your recordings?

Blake: “Capturing the live essence is tricky, but we focus on keeping the recordings raw and real. We want listeners to feel the rush we get on stage, even if they’re just wearing headphones.”

Q: Why are you known as ‘Samsung Shacked’ to some people?

Preston: “Ha, that’s a fun one. It’s because we’re the ‘Samsung version’ of Shacked. It’s an inside joke among our fans. If you know, you know. It speaks to our playful take on music and life, mirroring the uniqueness yet familiarity we bring, much like different brands offer their unique takes on technology.”

Q: How do you handle creative differences within the band?

Jake: “Creative tension is part of our process. We debate, we argue, but at the end of the day, these differences push us to explore new territory. It’s all fuel for our creative fire.”

Q: In an era where digital streaming dominates, how important are physical releases like vinyl to you?

Ori: “There’s something magical about holding your music in your hands. Vinyl, for us, is a way to connect with listeners on a different level. It’s a physical representation of our journey, and yes, we’re planning on releasing some.”

Q: Looking forward, where do you see Madam Sandler in the next five years?

Preston: “Touring the world, experimenting with new sounds, and hopefully inspiring others to embrace the chaos of creativity. We’re just getting started, and the future looks loud and funky.”

Looking Ahead

Madam Sandler is more than just a band; they’re a movement. As they continue to dress like rockstars and refine their sound, one thing remains clear: the world is ready for their brand of mayhem. With “Bluberry Bitlong” setting the stage, the anticipation for what’s next is palpable. Madam Sandler is not just making music; they’re crafting experiences, one chaotic, funky beat at a time. Keep an eye on this band; they’re on the fast track to becoming a defining force in the Noise Funk scene.